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Cooltone vs. TruSculpt Flex

Spending countless hours in the gym is the old-fashioned way of building muscle tone and definition. But thanks to the advent of new technologies, like TruSculpt Flex, which stimulates muscle contraction in less than one hour, you can get one step closer to the body of your dreams with little effort.  We put two treatments head to head, Cooltone vs. TruSculpt Flex, find out more about these two options for muscle stimulation treatments.

Muscle-stimulation devices use specific energy to stimulate deep muscle contractions within the desired target area, like the abdomen. These treatments typically use unique applicators placed over the treatment area. The energy emitted from the machine then causes the muscle fibers to hyperstimulate the underlying muscle to create added definition in just a few sessions. While these treatments are not weight loss methods, they can provide dramatic results in fit patients with minimal body fat looking to tone up.


How Muscle Stimulators Work: CoolTone vs. truSculpt Flex

When it comes to muscle-stimulating treatments, there are several to choose from. While they all work towards the same end goal—more defined muscle definition—different devices use different energies. And some even have proprietary technology behind them, too.

Two of the more popular machines include CoolTone and truSculpt Flex. But some noticeable differentiating factors exist in a head-to-head comparison of Cooltone vs. truSculpt Flex. 

For starters, the brand behind CoolTone claims its technology is more intense than other devices, which could equate to fewer sessions that result in faster results. With truSculpt Flex, the machine features a unique multi-directional therapy, which means the electrical pulse emitted to the muscles hits multiple areas at once and goes deep within the muscle. In a single treatment session, truSculpt Flex generates 54,000 muscle contractions while isolating up to eight different muscle groups at once. 

A truSculpt Flex treatment uses 16 different colored small applications that are adhered to the target areas. truSculpt Flex then delivers energy deep within the muscles causing them to stimulate and contract. 

The truSculpt Flex platform allows for three separate modes of treatment to be administered:

  • Prep Mode: The “beginner” level uses a twisting motion to warm up and stretch the muscles, building tolerance to contractions.
  • Tone Mode: This middle mode causes muscle contractions, which are held until the point of exhaustion before being released. The tone mode helps strengthen the muscles while improving endurance, similar to doing multiple crunches.
  • Sculpt Mode: The most advanced level utilizes fast, deep, sequential muscle contractions, which confuse the muscles to build mass while increasing basal metabolic rate.

Four treatments of truSculpt Flex can create a more even, uniform result because it works deep within the muscle instead of just on the superficial layer.  


Results of truSculpt Flex results last vs. Cooltone

Cooltone and truSculpt Flex are long-lasting, but neither treatment offers permanent results that will last a lifetime. With truSculpt Flex, you’ll see results in two to three months, which should last at least one year or more. Of course, every patient is an individual and some experience different results. 

Other results you may also notice from truSculpt Flex vs. Cooltone, for example, are chronic low back pain and core strength and endurance improvement. truSculpt Flex can even help prevent muscle atrophy in patients unable to exercise.


Which is better, EmSculpt or truSculpt Flex?

At AdvancedMD Aesthetics, we offer truSculpt Flex and find that our patients are happy with the treatment and the results. truSculpt Flex is especially beneficial to patients looking to strengthen, tone, and firm their abdominal, buttocks, or thigh muscles. 

With an entire treatment course of truSculpt Flex (four sessions are recommended), you’ll see up to 33 percent muscle improvement in the targeted treatment areas, which is about twice the improvement from EmSculpt, which can also only treat one area at a time. In addition, with EmSculpt, about 40 percent of the energy is absorbed by the muscles compared to 100 percent with truSculpt Flex, which leads to better results. 

Another reason why we prefer truSculpt Flex vs. Cooltone and even Emsculpt is because truSculpt Flex works in just 15 minutes. Other devices take longer to perform, which can cut into your day and be a pain. With truSculpt flex, you’re in and out fast!


Is there any pain with a truSculpt flex session?

No. truSculpt flex is an entirely pain-free, noninvasive body-enhancing treatment. No pain is felt regardless of where you do the treatment—on the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks. Most patients say they feel minimal warmth and a contraction similar to an intense workout. There may also be some light tingling or twitching as the muscles contract and are stimulated. In addition, some patients report minimal soreness after the treatment, comparable to the feeling of an intense gym workout. In the days following the treatment, there’s no downtime, like bruising, swelling, or redness, either, making it an ideal treatment for those who are busy and always on the go. Plus, you can return to your regular activities immediately following a session.


Does truSculpt flex also burn fat?

There are plenty of non-surgical devices out there that target unwanted fat and nothing else. While CoolTone tones and firms muscles, truSculpt flex does the same. But truSculpt flex can be coupled with other Cutera devices, like truSculpt ID, to address stubborn fatty pockets. Adding truSculpt ID to your body-toning regimen will also help improve skin that requires a bit of tightening. 


Is truSculpt flex worth it?

Yes! Muscle-stimulation devices can be just the fix you’re looking for if you want to build muscle tone and definition without spending countless hours in the gym.

When comparing other types of devices in the category, like CoolTone vs. TruSculpt Flex, for example, patients find that truSculpt flex allows for more personalized treatment and better results. The sessions can be tailored to your specific goals and fitness levels since the treatment replicates intensified crunch, squat and twisting actions. In addition, truSculpt flex’s different modes allow the results to be somewhat similar to the muscle-building and toning effects of a high-intensity interval training workout (HIIT).