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Sexual health is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. But all too often, men and women experience changes to their sexual health, which usually, but not always, stem from age-related changes. When changes to your sexual health set in, the effect can be conditions that can prevent both men and women from living their best lives. Erectile dysfunction issues and a lack of sexual libido, dryness, and a decreased desire to partake in sexual activities can dramatically impact your sexual health and life and even affect your self-confidence and esteem and even your closest relationships.

But just because your sexual wellness and health may be off track, which is usually due to the natural effects of aging and dips in hormone levels, doesn’t mean you can’t fix it.

Men and women experience changes that are a direct correlation to decreased sex hormones; men experience andropause (male menopause), which affects overall well-being, declining testosterone levels, and erectile dysfunction, while women go through menopause and begin producing less estrogen and may have low sexual desire and difficulty experiencing arousal and orgasms. With the right treatments, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapies, both men and women can return their sexual wellness and libido levels to normal and healthy states and regain their confidence while encouraging the body’s natural regenerative powers.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are a specific type of human cell found within the body with the unique capability of differentiation into various types of cells. Stem cells can differentiate into endothelial, smooth muscle, neuron, reproductive, and even Schwann cells to help improve age-related changes that may affect the body. There are two ways to introduce stem cells into the body: injection or IV infusion. In the case of sexual wellness issues, most often, injections are used. Studies show that the use of stem cells can help regulate certain vital factors that are essential in achieving and maintaining an erection and orgasm, including nitric oxide and calcium. With stem cell treatment, these necessary nutrients can be targeted to help improve issues. Treating a specific area, such as the vaginal wall or the penis, with stem cells can help to increase blood flow in the area and regenerate any damaged tissues for improved sexual function and sensation.

Stem cells can also secrete tissue-stimulating growth factors. The increase in growth factors in the area slows the cells to be restored for a healthy sexual response you can feel.

What is PRP?

While you may recognize PRP as a treatment for skin rejuvenation and stimulating new hair growth, it also improves sexual health and wellness. PRP is a non-surgical treatment, often used alongside stem cells for this purpose, that helps enhance sexual activity and function in men and women. A blood sample is drawn from your arm and then spun down in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from other elements in the blood. The platelet- and growth factor-rich matrix is then injected into a target area, which helps to stimulate cells, repair damaged tissue, and increase blood supply and volume for a rejuvenating effect. PRP is a natural treatment that does not rely on synthetic ingredients, so there are no side effects, but the benefits are noticed quickly.

How Do Stem Cells and PRP Work?

We recommend pairing stem cells with PRP for the most dramatic results, although both treatments are effective on their own.

For females, the combination of PRP and stem cell injections (O-shot) in the vaginal area, including the clitoris, can help to restore the tissue, increase natural lubrication and sensitivity, therefore, leading to stronger orgasms and an improved sexual desire. In men, the therapy (also known as the P-shot) can aid in erections and increase libido. Treating the sexual organs with stem cells increases nerve and blood vessel formation. By restoring sexual inclination in women, this dual-prong approach to sexual health restores lost confidence to help improve your overall quality of life.

Treating sexual wellness issues with both stem cells and PRP allows for organs of concern, like the penis, for example, to improve circulation, sensitivity, and pleasure for enhanced sexual health. The treatment helps restore functionality in the genital region by creating new nerve and muscle cells, increasing blood flow, reducing dryness and discomfort, and releasing growth factors that aid in the body’s natural healing process.

While it’s normal for men to experience low testosterone levels at some point in their lives, which affects sexual health, the P-shot is an effective treatment to help improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The painless injections harness the rejuvenating power of growth factors derived from your blood and millions of stem cells to improve circulation and regenerate tissues in the area, thereby improving functionality.

For women, once they experience menopause, the desire to engage in sexual intercourse tends to decrease, and dryness in the area sets it. But with the O-shot, which is performed just like the P-shot but injected into the vagina and clitoris rather than the penis, the body can make sure of the PRP and stem cell mixture to encourage tissue growth, improve circulation and lubrication, and improve overall female health for more pleasurable sexual intercourse. Some women also notice that their urinary incontinence improves when undergoing treatment with stem cells and PRP.

Both the P-shot and O-shot are considered minimally invasive therapies with no downtime. Most patients notice improvements within the first few days, although some may take a few weeks to feel the effects.

What Are the Benefits of the P-Shot?

The P-shot works towards restoring sexual health and desire in men who have noticed a change in their overall sexual wellness. The main benefits of the P-shot include:

  • Restored tissues
  • Improved blood flow to the penis
  • Better erectile function
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Increased length and girth

The results of the P-shot can vary from patient to patient, but most men notice improvements that last for several months to up to one year.

What Are the Benefits of the O-Shot?

For women who are suffering from changes to their overall sexual health and wellness, the O-shot treatment provides numerous life-changing benefits, including:

  • Improved ability to reach orgasm
  • Enhanced blood flow to the vaginal tissues for increased circulation
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Increased lubrication 
  • Improved libido
  • Improved sexual intercourse
  • A decrease in incontinence
  • Stronger pelvic floor muscles

The results of the O-shot can vary from patient to patient, but most men notice improvements that last for several months to up to one year.

Who Are Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Treatments For?

Stem cell and PRP therapy treatments for sexual wellness are good treatment options for men and women who wish to improve their sexual function and libido. With age, sexual hormones decline and cellular function changes, which can impact your desire to have sex and how you experience intercourse, too. So if you are someone who is looking for a safe way to rejuvenate your sexual desires, regain sexual intimacy, and ability to partake in sexual intercourse, and have a healthy sex life, consider the P-shot or O-shot.

How Much Do Stem Cell Treatments Cost?

The cost of stem cell treatments varies from person to person. The type of stem cell therapy used and the number of sessions needed are factors in the overall price. We recommend a consultation for a detailed estimate to determine your treatment’s cost.

Common FAQs

The injections can take three to seven days to kick in and last about three months. But once the results wear off, you must repeat the treatment to stay wrinkle-free and smooth.

Every patient is different, and some people see the effects of stem cell and PRP treatments take hold within the first few days, while others may not see the benefits until a few weeks after treatments. Often, the full course of treatment sessions, which can be three to six, is recommended to see the full benefits.

The treatment is known to drastically improve ED by targeting the symptoms associated with it, but to maintain the benefits, you’ll need to repeat the treatment as required.

Everyone is different, and what works best for one person may be too little or too much product for you. The right amount of an injectable will help to soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles without completely paralyzing them. If you’re looking to retain a minimal amount of movement in the area, ‘sprinkles’ can be done, which will allow you to maintain some expression. But a complete dose approach is best if you want little to no movement in the area. Schedule a consultation with our team to determine the best method for you.

Stem cell therapies for sexual health and wellness are still relatively new, yet the treatment is considered safe. Like all elective procedures, there is always the potential for side effects. With stem cell therapies, the risks are rare, but it is essential to know that reactions at the treatment site may be seen.

There’s next to no recovery with the treatment. You will be able to resume your normal activities within 24 hours, although it’s recommended to avoid sexual intercourse and physical activity for the first few days. Avoiding anything that can cause sweating or chafing in the genital area is best so that the area does not become irritated or infected.

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