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Acne Treatment with AviClear

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s never dealt with a giant red pimple at some point in their life. And if you thought your acne would magically disappear once you grew out of your teenage years, unfortunately, many people are not so lucky to have crystal-clear skin. Acne is a prevalent problem, and nearly 50 million Americans suffer from it.

Pimple-busting solutions run the gamut from dietary changes and topical treatments to prescription medications and even lasers. While there’s something for everyone, science continually brings new options, some of which are better than what’s available for years. Enter: AviClear, a groundbreaking acne laser treatment that’s changing the course of acne forever.

Why acne forms

There’s no one reason why acne forms, which is why it’s considered a ‘multi-factorial’ skin condition. However, the basics of a pimple are the same: a combination of oil (sebum), bacteria, and dead skin gets lodged within the pore, resulting in a pimple.

Acne can be inflammatory (large, red pimples under the skin’s surface without a head) or non-inflammatory (not swollen). But there are different types of pimples, including:

  • Papules: These are inflammatory pimples primarily caused by bacteria. They are swollen bumps that don’t usually have a whitehead.
  • Pustules: A type of papule, these are different in that they do have a whitehead.
  • Whiteheads: A mix of sebum and dead skin cause whiteheads, which are non-inflammatory. They’re not usually swollen, and a professional can easily extract the contents of the pimple.
  • Blackheads: Also non-inflammatory, blackheads are flat against the skin and not raised. They result from a pore clog containing sebum and dead skin cells that oxidize with air, hence their black color.
  • Cysts and nodules are the most inflammatory and painful types of pimples. They can be under the skin or raised.

What is AviClear?

AviClear is an effective light-based laser acne treatment and the only one of its kind. It uses a revolutionary 1726 nm laser wavelength suitable for all skin types and tones to target and suppress sebum glands. As a result, reducing the amount of oil the skin makes helps improve acne.

Many traditional acne treatments require a long course of medication and a prescription, but AviClear doesn’t.

The FDA-approved treatment works well for all types of acne, from mild to more severe breakouts, including blackheads and whiteheads. All you need are three 30-minute sessions once per month for three months to help produce less sebum and clear up your current breakouts and prevent future ones.

How AviClear works

AviClear harnesses the power of energy to treat mild to severe acne. It uses a 1726nm wavelength and seeks out the sebaceous glands to suppress sebum production.

The nice thing about AviClear is that it uses the power of light to target and suppress the sebaceous glands to eliminate acne. That also means there’s no need for prescription or strong topical products to stop breakouts.

The benefits of AviClear

Acne treatments often take a long time to show results, so patience is a virtue. And many come with nasty side effects, like extreme dryness, flaking, burning, and itching, too—not to mention significant sun sensitivity. On the other hand, there’s no downtime, so you can resume your routine right after the treatment.

Minutes after an AviClear treatment, the skin feels normal. There’s no redness, swelling, blistering, dryness, or crusting.

Clinical data shows that acne improves by the three-month mark; at six months, it’s dramatically improved. Even after the course of treatment, the results continue to improve. And if your skin flares up, the pimples are likely to be less painful, less intense, and last for a shorter time.

Who is AviClear for?

Nearly everyone with pimples benefits from AviClear, and that goes for all skin tones and colors. Thanks to its unique technology, the laser focuses on sebum in the skin, not melanin, which so many other lasers do. When melanin in the skin is sought out, there’s the risk of hyperpigmentation—but that’s not a concern with AviClear. Even in patients with darker skin tones, there’s no risk of unwanted discoloration. AviClear works for breakouts anywhere on the face and body.

What does AviClear feel like?

To some patients, the treatment feels uncomfortable but not enough that you must use numbing cream. Think of it as tolerable but not painful. Some patients say AviClear feels like a rubber band snap on the skin followed by a burst of coolness.

However, the AviClear tip has a sapphire skin cooling component and sensory controls that read and maintain the skin’s temperature during the treatment. This also helps make the treatment comfortable.

How much does AviClear cost?

Depending on where you have the treatment done dictates the price of AviClear. But AviClear is a relatively newer acne treatment, and the national average cost per treatment is still to be determined.

The best way to get an idea of how much AviClear will cost you is by scheduling a consultation today.

Common FAQs

You will need three 30-minute treatment AviClear sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

You will need three 30-minute treatment AviClear sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

No. AviClear is safe and effective for all skin tones, types, and ages. Even though it relies on a laser to clear acne, there’s no cause for hyperpigmentation. In some patients, a small acne breakout may occur after the treatment, which isn’t anything to worry about.

No. AviClear is a non-invasive, downtime-free treatment. So directly after the treatment, you can go about your regular day.

You can continue with your regular skincare routine. However, you’ll want to use plenty of sunscreen and avoid heavy occlusive ingredients and products, like Aquaphor. 

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