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How Much Do PRP Injections Cost In Atlanta?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) boasts a bevy of skin and overall health benefits, including ligament and muscle injuries to skin rejuvenation, jumpstarting hair growth, and even treating sexual dysfunction. PRP injections are often called the secret fountain of youth, and while many patients swear by them, knowing what PRP injections cost is critical in putting together a treatment plan that you will benefit from the most.


The Basics of PRP Therapy

PRP harnesses the rejuvenating power of a particular part of your blood called plasma. Within the plasma are platelets, which are rich in growth factors and necessary for proper clotting and wound healing. Next, by drawing a small blood sample and separating out the platelet-dense plasma, a matrix-like serum is created that is then injected into the area where PRP’s benefits are most needed.

One reason PRP injections for medical and aesthetic purposes are on the rise, with no signs of slowing down, is years of clinical research proving PRP to be an effective therapy and the dramatic results the treatment provides. Research shows that using PRP to incite skin and hair health and aid in healing injuries speeds up the overall process for effects that even some of the most popular aesthetic treatments do not rival. Plus, it doubles as an excellent, natural alternative to injectables and fillers.


The Factors Influencing PRP Injection Cost

Although PRP injections are a proven and popular way of addressing various concerns, several factors influence what your PRP injections will cost during the treatment. Larger areas will cost more than smaller areas. So, if you want to treat your under eyes, that area will likely cost less than using PRP to treat thinning hair or hair loss, which is a larger and more involved treatment area.

PRP is not a one-and-done type of rejuvenating therapy, and to reap its benefits, a series of treatments are necessary. Each patient has different needs and goals, and through a thorough consultation, our team can give you a detailed breakdown of the number of treatment sessions you will need to obtain the desired results. Keep in mind that some treatment areas require more sessions than others, which, in the end, will affect your PRP injection cost. We often recommend maintenance treatment sessions, which will also impact your overall budget for your PRP injections.

Another factor to consider in the cost of your PRP injections is the geographical location of the medspa where you choose to get the treatment. PRP providers in major cities and high-end suburbs will likely charge more than those in more remote or rural areas. It’s also important to understand that several factors, like your provider’s experience, skill, education, overhead costs, rent, and the demand for superior results in metropolitan areas, also contribute to the PRP injection costs.


The Average PRP Injection Cost

Every PRP provider factors several elements into what they ultimately charge for PRP. However, there are still some standard thresholds to take note of so that you can have a realistic idea of what a fair and reasonable price to pay for the treatment is.

Usually, PRP is charged per injection in a treatment zone. The national average cost of PRP injections can range from $500 per session to $2,500 or more depending on multiple factors, including your provider and their location, the treatment area, and the number of injections needed per treatment. Insurance does not cover the cost of PRP for aesthetic purposes; it is usually not covered for medical indications.


PRP Financing and Affordability

PRP injections cost quite a bit, especially when treating larger areas and undergoing multiple treatment zones, but your patients feel that the results are well worth the price. To make PRP injections more palatable to your budget, consider exploring third-party financing options and payment plans. Also, ask about any PRP packages or specials that may be available.

PRP injections are a value-added, bang-for-your-buck anti-aging solution. Not only do they address the current problems at hand, but the treatment also provides long-term benefits and improved skin health over time, making it a valuable solution for a multitude of aesthetic concerns.

The AdvancedMD Aesthetics team is here to help make your PRP injection journey easy and results-driven. Schedule a consultation today and get one step closer to the skin or hair you dream of.