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The Best Laser Facial Skin Treatment in Atlanta, GA

When it comes to erasing past signs of skin damage, like acne scars and hyperpigmentation, or the current signs of aging, such as skin laxity and fine lines and wrinkles, there’s only so much that a cream or serum can do. Sometimes, a more powerful punch is necessary to get the skin to look fresh, youthful, and glowy, and when that’s the case, a laser is often recommended. But with so many different laser skin facial options available, finding the right laser facial in Atlanta to tackle all your skin needs can be challenging.

AdvancedMD Aesthetics offers laser facial skin rejuvenation and is spearheaded by expert injector and aesthetic specialist Dr. Maki Rheaume, MD. With her keen eye for natural rejuvenation, Dr. Rheaume performs some of the most effective and best facial laser treatments to improve the quality and health of your skin. 

What is a Laser Facial?

When you think of a typical facial, you probably think of an hour-long pampering session that cleans the skin. However, laser facials, which are entirely different, are just as good, if not better.

Laser skin facials use laser light energy to correct multiple skin-related issues that a traditional facial can’t fix. 

Laser facials go one step further and use laser light energy to tackle multiple skin-related issues that a more conventional facial usually can’t fix. These non-surgical treatments are often the go-to for improving better skin. Light and laser-based solutions employ energy and innovative technologies to tackle the most common age-related skin concerns. Some of the best facial laser treatments work for all skin tones and types and are safe to perform year-round. Since various types of laser skin facials are available, choosing the right one is important. 

What are the types of facial laser treatments?

If you’re looking for a laser facial in Atlanta, you’ve come to the right place. AdvancedMD Aesthetics offers tried-and-true laser facials ranging from facial redness laser treatment to laser carbon facials, IPL laser facials, and CO2 facial lasers. 

Laser Genesis and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) are two of the more typically used laser facials. Both are effective, yet they are different. 

  • Laser Genesis is a non-invasive and safe-for-all-skin-type treatment that harnesses the power of a single-wavelength laser. It’s a gentle treatment that helps improve the signs of aging and reduce the symptoms associated with rosacea, acne, scarring, wrinkles, roughness, and large pores. By flooding the skin laser light to deliver energy to the skin cells, they convert into heat. Then, the heat safely stimulates collagen production to firm the skin, making it look healthier and more youthful. It is one of the best facial laser treatments.
  • IPL employs multi-wavelength light instead of laser energy to break up pigment and discoloration in the skin. An IPL laser facial is also effective for treating redness in the skin, minimal signs of sun damage, visible veins, inflammation, redness, and brown spots. In addition, IPL is a quick, easy, and painless way to improve the skin’s texture and tone while minimizing the common signs of early aging.

How does laser facial skin rejuvenation work?

Laser facials are quicker laser procedures that improve skin tone and stimulate collagen production. Laser facial treatment types fall into one of two categories: ablative, meaning they remove the uppermost layer of skin, or non-ablative, which leaves the skin intact. The lasers used for laser facials are non-ablative and do not damage or compromise the epidermis or come with much downtime, if any. Instead, they bypass this layer of the skin and work directly on the underneath skin. Non-ablative lasers used for a laser facial are effective and don’t come with downtime or recovery like more aggressive lasers.

A modern-day laser facial treatment improves various issues by rejuvenating the skin and penetrating deep throughout to provide results without compromising the skin surface. Relying on light or laser energy, these treatments can target damaged skin cells and pigment-producing cells while keeping other healthy skin cells intact and unaffected by the treatment. As a result, the skin can rebound quickly without any of the commonly seen effects of lasers. 

Laser skin facials deliver a beam of light or energy to the skin. The different wavelengths determine how deep the laser can work under the skin and what it will target. For example, most lasers target a chromophore molecule, which absorbs the light and converts it into heat. Once this conversion occurs, the heat can undo the damaged skin, reducing redness or lightening discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

What’s the best laser facial in Atlanta?

We recommend a consultation with your highly skilled staff to determine the best laser facial in Atlanta for you. During a consultation, you can discuss your skin concerns and areas where you wish to improve the health of your skin. We will discuss the types of facial laser treatments that benefit your skin and work toward achieving your skin goals. The best laser facial treatment is the one that improves your skin and accomplishes your goals while working within your budget, calendar, and lifestyle. 

How much does a laser facial cost?

The cost of a laser facial in Atlanta, GA, is determined by the type of laser you choose and the number of sessions needed. In addition, some lasers require add-on treatments or specialized skincare to maximize the results, increasing the overall price. Since the cost of a laser facial varies from person to person and largely depends on the laser used and the areas treated, we recommend a consultation for a detailed estimate to determine the cost of facial laser treatment.

Is there any downtime with a laser facial treatment?

Facial laser treatments are, for the most part, downtime free with no recovery period either. Laser facial skin rejuvenation is often preferred for those who can’t take time away from work or a busy schedule to recover while the skin heals for weeks. One of the benefits of laser facial skin rejuvenation is that it doesn’t interrupt your life, so that you can return to your normal activities and schedule.

Some of the best facial laser treatments improve skin tone and texture without ablating the surface or disrupting the skin. That’s because facial redness laser treatments, such as IPL laser facials, work to improve the skin with light and gentle laser wavelengths as opposed to something more invasive. Patients often appreciate facial laser treatments for their ease of use and fast results.