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TruSculpt Muscle Sculpting

Non-invasive body-sculpting and muscle sculpting treatments are the go-to treatments for getting the body of your dreams. At one time, non-invasive muscle sculpting treatments raised a lot of eyebrows, but now that they’ve become a mainstay in body contouring, they’re everywhere. These non-invasive sculpting treatments are the secret to toning muscle while eliminating pockets of excess fat without committing to surgery or downtime. But, of all the muscle-sculpting treatments available, TruSculpt is hands down the best one, and here’s why.


What is TruSculpt flex?

TruSculpt flex is an innovative, unique, and non-invasive body sculpting treatment that builds muscle with electrical stimulation. It uses up to 16 special paddles that deliver the energy to the desired areas. Low energy is emitted deep within the muscle to cause contractions at a high intensity. Common treatment areas with the muscle-stimulating device include the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. You can maximize each area in 15 minutes to stimulate muscle contraction and build definition.

While a noticeable sensation is experienced during the treatment, it is actually quite comfortable and tolerable.


How does TruSculpt work?

TruSculpt flex tones muscles in the thighs, buttocks, and stomach area with a proprietary technology that mimics the effect of squats, crunches, and twisting. Three different modes can be used to target multiple large and small muscle groups.

The three modes include:

  • Mode 1: Prep. This is similar to a pre-workout stretch to maximize results. It creates a twisting motion as a warm-up and slowly stretches the muscles to build a tolerance to the muscle contractions.
  • Mode 2: Tone. This phase is about muscle contraction, like toning exercises in the gym that improve core strength and muscle endurance. It forces the muscles to contract to the point of sheer exhaustion. Then, it relaxes them, which increases strength and enhances endurance.
  • Mode 3: Sculpt. This phase of the treatment consists of very fast, deep contractions in a sequence to build muscle mass.


Does TruSculpt really work?

Yes! TruSculpt Flex uses non-invasive Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology and can be adjusted to your fitness level, current body shape, and goals to strengthen, firm, and tone the muscles. Each treatment is equivalent to doing 54,000 abdominal crunches. Unlike other muscle sculpting treatments, the truSculpt Flex machine is faster and more effective and increases muscle thickness by 30 percent.

By increasing muscle mass and eliminating fat cells, people can see up to a 30% increase in muscle mass with four to six treatments.


How soon will I see TruSculpt results?

You may see improvement in the treated area as soon as a few weeks after completing the whole TruSculpt Flex treatment plan, but everybody responds differently. Patience is critical, as the process involves both the initial strengthening of muscles and potential fat reduction, which may take some time to arise. Following the recommended treatment schedule and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are essential for optimal and timely results. Results are visible at 6 to 8 weeks, with maximum results at around the 12-week weeks. Taking TruSculpt flex before and after images is another way to gauge and track your results.


How many treatments will I need?

Every person is different, and the number of treatments you’ll need will likely vary from a friend. During your consultation, we will discuss how many treatments you will best benefit from based on the treatment area and your desired results. Two to four treatments are typically needed for each area, spaced about four to six weeks apart. Then, maintenance treatments are recommended to help refine and uphold the results.


How long does a TruSculpt session take from start to finish?

The nice thing about TruSculpt is that it’s fast. Each session lasts 15 minutes on average, and up to eight different body areas can be treated at once.


Who is a good candidate for a TruSculpt flex treatment?

A consultation will help us determine if the treatment is right for you. Typically, people benefit most from this procedure with a BMI of less than 30 and unresponsive small pockets of fat in various body areas. Despite dieting and exercising, the fat does not decrease, and muscle tone is hard to increase. However, some people cannot be treated with TruSculpt, including anyone with cardiac pacemakers, internal defibrillators, tumors, and metallic implants (including joint replacements) in the target area. Additionally, patients who are pregnant may not undergo this procedure.


How long do TruSculpt results last?

The results from TruSculpt are long-lasting but vary from person to person. While some patients see effects that last upward of one year, others say TruSculpt flex results last much longer. The key to getting your TruSculpt flex results to stay for as long as possible is to practice a healthy lifestyle that consists of regular exercise and a balanced diet. While the treatment helps build and tone muscles, the aging process continues to occur, so maintenance sessions are usually recommended.


Is TruSculpt expensive?

TruSculpt is an individualized procedure so the cost can differ from person to person. Certain factors, including the location of the medspa, the number of sessions you need, and the areas being treated, can influence the overall cost of TruSculpt. Generally speaking, TruSculpt is considered a more affordable option than surgical procedures like liposuction because no anesthesia, operating fees, or downtime are involved. We recommend an in-person consultation to discuss your goals, the areas you want to treat, and how many sessions are recommended for a price of what TruSculpt will cost you.


Are there any potential side effects to know about?

Like with most body sculpting and contouring treatments, there are potential risks associated with TruSculpt to be aware of. However, the treatment is considered safe for every skin type. Following a treatment, it is expected and normal for the treated area to be tender, red, or even slightly bruised. Some people also report feeling tired after a treatment. To make the most out of treatment and prevent body fatigue, it’s essential to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. When adequately hydrated, the fat cells can travel through the lymphatic system and digest throughout the body.