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What Is Dermaplaning & How Much Does It Cost?

What is Dermaplaning? Dermaplaning is a popular treatment that’s quick and effective for eliminating facial hair while enhancing the skin’s appearance. The painless treatment is often performed with other skin-renewing therapies and services and remains one of the best ways to get super soft, smooth skin. Unlike permanent hair removal, dermaplaning is a one-size-fits-all treatment that works for all skin types and tones.

During a dermaplaning treatment, a surgical blade is used to exfoliate the skin and get rid of unwanted hair, aka peach fuzz, leaving the skin smooth, glowing, and fuzz-free. Plus, the painless treatment also enhances the absorption of skincare products, allowing them to work better. If you’re considering dermaplaning, here’s everything you need to know, including the cost of a dermaplaning treatment.

Is Dermaplaning Good for Your Skin?

Dermaplaning is beneficial to the skin in more ways than one. The painless treatment removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz, making the skin look smoother and brighter. By removing the outermost layer of skin, dermaplaning also enhances the penetration of topical skincare products so that they absorb better and reach deeper into the skin, leading to healthier skin overall.

Besides the cosmetic benefits, dermaplaning is suitable for those with struggle with discoloration on their skin. With fewer dead skin cells on the skin’s surface, which can hold onto damage and pigmentation, the appearance of more evenly toned skin that’s brighter emerges. Plus, the skin always looks healthier after a dermaplaning session.

If you are considering dermaplaning to improve your skin, finding a provider with experience with the treatment is essential. AdvancedMD Aesthetics is the best dermaplaning in Atlanta, and our patient reviews prove it! 

While dermaplaning is an affordable beauty treatment, the cost of dermaplaning varies. On average, a single dermaplaning session can start at $100 and go up from there, and many patients feel it is well worth the investment.

How Long Does Dermaplaning Your Face Last?

The results of dermaplaning last about four weeks. Of course, the results are independent, and some patients see results that last shorter or longer than that. The results from your dermaplaning in Atlanta, GA, are dictated by several factors, including your skin type, the technique used during the treatment, and how quickly your hair and skin cells grow back.

To ensure that the effects of dermaplaning last as long as possible, follow a good skincare routine and avoid any harsh or skin-striping active ingredients and exfoliants, especially in the first few days after the treatment. Additionally, high-quality moisturizers are essential to integrate into your skincare routine to enhance the effects of dermaplaning further.

Does Dermaplaning Leave Any Stubble?

Even though dermaplaning utilizes a surgical blade to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells, the treatment doesn’t typically cause the hair to grow stubbly or thick. Regrowth is normal after dermaplaning; any new hairs that grow back should not be stubbly. After a dermaplaning facial in Atlanta, the hair will regrow in the same thickness, density, and color as before the treatment. In some cases, there may be a little bit of itchiness when the hair regrows, but most patients don’t experience this, and if they do, it’s temporary at most.  

What Are The Benefits of Dermaplaning?

The most significant advantage of dermaplaning is softer, smoother skin since the treatment gently exfoliates the skin and safely removes dead skin cells and facial hair. But dermaplaning also boosts the complexion and instantly makes it look clear and glowy. The nice thing about dermaplaning is that the removed hairs will not grow back thicker or darker, which is often a concern with other hair removal methods.

Since dermaplaning uses small surgical tools, they are safe to use on the skin without causing damage. However, a razor isn’t crafted from the same blade type and cannot remove the peach fuzz and dead skin cells to the same degree—nor will you get the same level of smoothness. Also, dermaplaning shouldn’t instigate any breakouts, which isn’t always true of every skin treatment. Since dermaplaning removes dead skin cells from the surface that can clog pores and cause breakouts, the treatment is often recommended for those who tend not to exfoliate as often as suggested. However, if you are experiencing an active bout of acne, it’s best to wait until the skin is less reactive so as not to cause any irritation on the surface.

Overall, the cost of dermaplaning is a worthwhile investment to improve your skin’s health and appearance.

What Does Dermaplaning Feel Like?

If you choose to undergo dermaplaning in Atlanta, you won’t feel much of anything. It’s a painless treatment, and even though it employs a scalpel, the skin has no feeling. If anything, it feels similar to shaving your legs or underarms. Your provider must pull the skin taut (again, not uncomfortable in the least bit) to perform the treatment effectively. After the peach fuzz and dead skin cells are removed, the skin will emerge glowy and soft.

Is Dermaplaning The Same as Shaving?

Dermaplaning and shaving both use a blade to remove hair from the skin, but there are substantial differences between the two. Dermaplaning exfoliates the skin while eliminating facial hair, whereas shaving just removes hair. A licensed esthetician also performs dermaplaning, whereas anyone at home can shave. 

Shaving is also a much cheaper way to get rid of hair, while the cost of dermaplaning is more. A dermaplaning price list can display a treatment of around $100 per session or more. The outcomes of the treatments are also different, and the length of the results isn’t the same—dermaplaning lasts longer.

What Will My Skin be Like After Dermaplaning?

Your skin may be slightly pink or flushed after dermaplaning but it will subside quickly. However, you’ll want to ensure you use simple and gentle skincare products after the treatment to avoid any potential irritations since the skin is ‘open’ and more susceptible to irritation. One of the reasons why patients love dermaplaning is that there are no side effects, and it’s generally safe for all skin types. So even if your skin boasts signs of dryness, dullness, discoloration, and sun damage, it’s still a safe and effective treatment to do regularly. However, those with active acne or extremely sensitive skin should always have a consultation first to determine if the treatment is proper for them.

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