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What Is The Difference Between TruSculpt ID & TruSculpt Flex?

The non-invasive body sculpting landscape has evolved drastically over the years. Today, many solutions are available to patients so they can achieve their desired results without undergoing surgery. Two of the leaders in body sculpting technologies are TruSculpt ID & TruSculpt Flex, which work to control and streamline the body in different ways. When weighing your options, TruSculpt ID vs. TruSculpt Flex comes down to what you hope to achieve with a body sculpting treatment.

Both procedures sculpt the body while addressing excess fat and muscle toning. How each treatment works relies on different mechanisms and technology. To help you decide if TruSculpt ID or TruSculpt Flex is better for you, consider this your guide for all things TruSculpt ID & TruSculpt Flex.


Understanding TruSculpt ID

TruSculpt ID is a superior treatment in the non-invasive body sculpting space primarily for its ability to redefine contours and combat stubborn fat with radiofrequency technology. Its key features lie in its ability to target adipose tissue through controlled thermal energy for visible fat reduction and, therefore, a refined body contour. The technology is suitable to use on several different body parts, including the abdomen, arms, butt, and thighs, to help you get one step closer to your sculpting goals. TruSculpt ID is an extremely precise treatment that provides unparalleled accuracy. Although multiple sessions are required, each treatment is comfortable and quick.


Everything to know About TruSculpt Flex

Many patients wonder how TruSculpt ID measures up to TruSculpt Flex and which one to choose when weighing TruSculpt ID vs. TruSculpt Flex. TruSculpt Flex is likely the approach to take for more of a muscle-toning benefit. It employs Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS), a proprietary modality that engages muscles in various directions that cannot be achieved without the machine. The MDS technology causes the treated muscle groups to contract intensely several times throughout the treatment, leading to toning and definition. TruSculpt Flex stands out for its unique ability to target and strengthen muscles in the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks to sculpt and refine the body.

TruSculpt Flex is a highly versatile treatment to address multiple muscle groups. Tailoring the treatment plan to your specific goals ensures a personalized approach to body sculpting.


Tailoring Your Body Sculpting Journey

It is best to customize your body sculpting journey to your specific needs and desires to get the most out of the treatment. Some patients benefit from TruSculpt Flex or TruSculpt ID, whereas others require more of a combination approach to achieve the body of their dreams and undergo both TruSculpt ID & TruSculpt Flex versus one of the other. Pairing the two technologies together complements each other for even better results. While TruSculpt ID targets excess fat through radiofrequency technology, TruSculpt Flex tones muscle with Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) for added definition. Strategically combining these treatments offers a far more holistic approach to overall body transformation. This unique duo allows for a tailored approach, sculpting the body in alignment with individual goals and preferences.